Northeast Florida Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners

NEFL ARNP Association Charity Event for 2018-Shoeboxes of Love

Posted 10 months ago by Amanda Peacock

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Happy Holidays Everyone.......this year the NEFL ARNP Association will be taking donations of shoeboxes filled with various personal items, gift cards for medicine, and bus passes to help our community! Please fill your boxes and wrap them with love! Remember....this supports our communtiy that we take care of on a daily basis. The boxes can be delivered to a few locations:

1) 11512 Lake Mead Ave, #702, Jacksonville, FL 32256, Care of Amanda Peacock

2) Mayo Clinic 4500 San Pablo Rd., Building 5 South, Jacksonville, FL 32224, Care of Nancy Pitruzzello

3) 1053 Emily's Walk Lane East, Jacksonville, FL, 32221, Care of Nancy Pitruzzello, Please leave on front door

We will also show example of boxes at upcoming dinners and Christmas Party TBA........

Cheers to you all for your devotion and passion for the NP profession!